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Gaddafi’s nurse – in her own words


“I checked the dictator’s heart and lived in luxury.”
These are the words Oksana Balinskaya uses to describe her life as a nurse—with the dictator in question being Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Balinskaya, who grew up in the Ukraine, was hired by Gaddafi at the age of 21 to be part of his personal team of nurses. The team tended to the long-time leader, ensuring he exercised regularly while monitoring his heart rate and blood pressure.

But though she states she lived in luxury and never thought there would be trouble in Libya—even after tensions began to rise in Egypt and Tunisia—she soon fled the country. While it would be understandable for anyone to leave the country under the current volatile conditions, Balinskaya had an added reason: she was four months pregnant.

Read the entire story—in Balinskaya’s own words—here.


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