Get a whiff of this

Few people understand the body quite like nurses do. Sometimes, this hyper-intimate bond can be both a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, witnessing all the highs and lows of a body’s basic functions helps nurses to better understand their patient’s needs. On the other hand, there are still those “lows,” and nurses never forget their first experience tuning into a bodily odor that would have most other folks running for a gas mask.

In this week’s episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat, Katie taps into the three most unpleasant odors in healthcare, and if your own nose has already paid its nursing dues, you’ll probably be inclined to agree.

Is there an on-the-job odor you still can’t tolerate? Share your own “sniff and recoil” horror story in the comments section below!


Katie Duke


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7 Responses to Get a whiff of this

  1. Ashley Coy

    The glorious smell of gangrene, that’s one I’ll never forget!

  2. Kelly Milby

    Gangrene is very recognizable and smells horrible too.

  3. liss0815

    Kayexalate poop. It takes days to get that smell out of your nostrils!

  4. kjkamk

    GI Bleed. My brother died from a GI bleed and it’s a smell that upsets me still!

  5. Charlotte Franklin

    My first & most memorable was a colostomy bag! Whew! Brought tears to my eyes. Next on the list in no particular order would include: C-difficile, gangrene, pseudomonas, fresh GI bleed, horrible UTI! :-\

  6. Ooley71

    Followed by gangrene

  7. Serene Johnson

    Cephalexin in bloody urine. Cant do it. Something about it just makes my stomach roil. If I have to empty an IDC after say a traumatic insertion due to prostatitis, and theyre on Ceph, Im choking back the hurk.