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Ever feel like every shift is a long, uphill battle? Do you sometimes have the urge to run away from the call-light-happy patients, irritable doctors and (insert groan) never-ending process of charting?

It’s likely that the people who keep you moving forward each day are the same nurses in the trenches next to you. When you’ve reached your limit with a patient and need to throw out an emergency SOS signal, they have your back. They get your (sometimes twisted) humor in a way that only nurses can.

We asked the nurses on the Funny Nurses Facebook page how they show their coworkers appreciation, and here’s what they had to say:

  • Be a true team player and never say that’s not my job or not my patient.” —Vickie L. 
  • Today my coworkers and I threw a shower for a pregnant nurse. But the culture with the nurses I work with is to help each other out. Always. We work in home health and it’s hard to get help when needed, but the ladies I work with make it happen.” —Kaitlyn C. 
  • Pitch in when you see they’re stressed and running behind, and stand up for them when they have a legitimate complaint that isn’t being heard. If you can unite on the floor, it makes everyone’s job easier and patients happier. Love my colleagues.” —Yolanda J. 
  • Offer to help them whenever they need it. Always be there for your coworkers!” —Kerri K. 
  • “I feed them! And say thank you after a hard day’s work.” —Amanda T. 
  • Showing up for work on time, ready for report!” —Rachel T.
  • I brought in a box of breakfast tacos for all the dads on Father’s Day.” —Kelsie B. 
  • I work with them, and before end of shift and next morning during handover, I will always thank them and tell them what is expected during the day; we’re a team together!!!” —Rodrick S. 
  • I thank them every opportunity I can. And never forget to pay it forward.” —Jennifer R. 
  • I buy them coffee and bring snacks at night. AND I TELL THEM I APPRECIATE THEM!” —Katie D. 

Whether it’s a verbal thanks, a batch of fresh cookies or skywriting, how do you tell your coworkers you really, really, really appreciate them? Let us know in a comment below.

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