Getting Covered With Disability Insurance


Getting Covered With Disability Insurance
Kick Off Disability Insurance Awareness Month By Finally Signing Up For That Coverage You’ve Been Putting Off

The month of May is known as Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Not just a clever marketing ploy, this annual event is geared towards educating professionals about the risks of going without disability insurance. Across all kinds of fields and industries, disability insurance is an absolute must when it comes to protecting a professional’s ability to earn a living.

This is especially true in the field of nursing. Nurses are exposed to all kinds of potential hazards in the workplace. The nature of the job is also extremely physically demanding. One wrong move and a nursing professional could be out of job without the means to support themselves. Celebrate May by learning about why it’s so important to sign up for disability insurance.

The Hazards of Being a Nurse

Nursing isn’t your typical 9 to 5 profession. Nurses are often required to work for days on end with shifts running upwards of 24 hours at a time. While that kind of work schedule might seem doable at first, working around-the-clock will wear down a person’s body over the years. Long nights, a lack of sleep, and chronic fatigue can lead to all kinds of injuries and illnesses down the line. Arthritis, joint and back pain, muscle stiffness and even a weary immune system are all problems that career nurses have to contend with.

But the risks associated with being a nurse don’t stop there; nurses also have a much higher chance of being assaulted on the job. Nurses deal with all kinds of people when they’re at their worst. Patients are often aggressive or confused and might lash out for all kinds of reasons. With sharp medical instruments nearby, a nurse getting physically injured on the job is an all too real possibility.

Nurses are also exposed to a variety of potentially dangerous chemicals and illnesses on the job. Numerous cleaning products, disinfectants and other medical resources can put a nurse’s health at risk. While workplace safety procedures are designed to protect nurses, accidents happen fast, especially if the nurse is towards the end of a 24-hour shift.

Financial Protection and Building a Brighter Future

With all of the risks that nurses have to deal with in the workplace, it’s easy to see why disability insurance is so important. Nurses tend to make good money, but they’re also usually facing exorbitant student debt. All of those years in medical school can be crushing financially. As soon as they’re out of school, nurses also need to start thinking about saving for retirement as well as a long list of other expenses, including rent or a mortgage, childcare, a car payment or other transportation expenses. If a workplace injury were to occur, it could completely derail a nurse’s plans for the future. Signing up for a disability insurance policy is a simple way to get peace of mind in the workplace. Nurses need to protect themselves financially if they’re going to generate wealth in the future.

Interested nurses can head over to Summit Insurance Advisors to compare dozens of disability insurance policies. Signing up for a policy only takes a few minutes. Start searching today!

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