Getting ready for mom’s day!

So Mother’s Day is coming up and that is always an interesting day in the ER. Many family members who haven’t seen their mothers all year suddenly show up at the nursing home and are appalled at their mother’s condition and insist they come to the ER. I can’t blame them for being upset, although, I have to be honest; I blame them a little bit for not seeing their mom in months! I always appreciate my mother a little bit more when this day comes around and am thankful to have her around.
Mother’s Day is always hard to shop for, right? I mean, how many “World’s Best Mom” coffee mugs can you give before you realize that you will be the one to inherit such a treasure trove? Flowers always are nice, jewelry can get expensive, and most moms aren’t that excited about chocolate because they are watching their waist lines. A day at the spa is always a winner or a coupon for a manicure/pedicure. I like to shop for my mom and get her a new outfit here and there or a new, fancy purse. I can’t tell you what I am going to get my mom this year because sometimes she reads my blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

What I dislike the most though are Mother’s Day Brunches. They shuttle you in like cattle and hurry you up through the buffet (which I feel like buffets exactly how I feel about potlucks…they are germy and gross). You are so packed in with everyone else’s moms, grandmas and kids that it doesn’t feel like a very special day. I’d much rather cook a nice breakfast for my mom at home and have a nice relaxing, unhurried toast of mimosas…maybe a few mimosas!

Whether you buy your mom a fancy purse or get her a World’s Best Mom lapel pin, at least call her up and thank her for putting up with you for so many years. Whoever that special lady is in your life, whether it’s Grandma, Mom, Aunt, Cousin, or another lovely soul, tell them how much you appreciate them. I think in this instance the “thought that counts” is really better than anything we can buy in the stores!

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