Gifts NOT to give this nurse

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I walked over to the mall on my break today for a little window shopping and coffee drinking. Because it is the holidays, it is still pretty crowded at the mall. Even though I was following my own advice (kind of) since I was at the mall at 2 pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday (I formerly said, only go on Wednesdays). I wasn’t too perturbed by the mass sea of heads, however, since I wasn’t there to shop; only to people watch and walk around.

I went into a couple stores and was flabbergasted by how many sales people are working! It was like an ICU ratio…2 sales people for every one customer. It was a little suffocating I must admit!!! But I did find a few gifts that must be popular this season and of which I fervently hope I am not the recipient:

1. Fuzzy socks (by the cartful! And on sale!)

2. Samples of multiple mini perfume bottles (apparently as soon as you figure out that you like one, you run out.)

3. Super, super, short, sparkly dresses (in Vegas, yes, for regular people going out on Friday, no).

4. The Ove’Glove (ok, I actually already have one of these and I love it).

5. Makeup gift sets (now I know where the color palettes of the late eighties and early nineties went…)

6. Bib necklaces (is this considered “newborn chic”?)

So in case any of you were going to send me Christmas presents this year, let me make it easy on you. Coffee gift cards. Done. You don’t even need to put them in a card…

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