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The bounty of the holiday season may not tempt the few, but they are the downfall of the many. From the time you pop your first piece of Halloween candy until your last sip of punch on New Year’s Eve, putting on a few pounds is almost inevitable. Hopefully, your renewed commitment to fitness in January will melt those pounds away again. But you’ll still need a few forgiving scrubs outfits to see you through until then. Here are several styles that can help you hide extra inches in different “problem areas.”
Upper Abdomen
That rich Thanksgiving dinner can leave you looking pretty bloated in the upper abdomen. To avoid awkward questions about a nonexistent due date for your gas baby, choose a top that is gathered at neckline. A round-neck top with smocking will do the trick nicely. Avoid wrap tops and empire-waist tops since these styles just accentuate a bulge in this area.

Round Neck Top

Lower Abdomen
In contrast to the advice above, a mock wrap or an empire-waist top is ideal for concealing your lower tummy. These styles nip in at the (still) smallest portion of your ribcage and flare nicely around your waistline. A top with a vivid, lengthwise pattern adds more camouflage and makes you look slimmer. Choose tops that tie back instead of those with back elastic if you want more precise control over sizing.

Empire Waist Top

Muffin Top
If your pounds tend to hang around just above the waistline of your scrubs, a long top can be your best friend. Look for a tunic top that has a few extra inches at the hemline. One in a dark color is even more forgiving. A three-quarter-length sleeve will also cover up slightly pudgy upper arms.

3/4 Sleeve Tunic


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