Give thanks for scrubs that hide extra pounds


Hips and Thighs
Scrubs pants tend to follow street clothes fashion right now—which is a problem when leggings and flared jeans are all the rage. You need more ease in the hips and thighs if that’s where pumpkin pie and that extra serving of mashed potatoes like to hang out. Look for utility, cargo or straight-leg scrubs. These tend to be less fitted throughout the length of the leg.

9 Pocket Utility

All-Over Explosion
Sometimes, the fat seems to migrate from one area of your body to the next. If you looked in Stacy and Clinton’s What Not to Wear 360-degree mirror, you might faint. Where did that back roll come from? Have you really been walking around with cellulite puckering the thin fabric of your scrubs pants? Don’t worry! A long, cardigan-style warm-up jacket is very useful for covering a multitude of caloric sins. If all else fails, throw on a full-length lab coat “for the extra warmth.”

Lab Coat

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