GIVEAWAY: Physiclo Resistance Training Gear

A little teaser for this year’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, our friends over at Physiclo are giving away two pairs of their resistance trainers!
We know it’s hard to find time to exercise, so build your workouts into your daily routine with these tights.  Entry is fast & free. Be sure to check out all the photos too!

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About Physiclo: Physiclo is a unique line of performance clothing featuring built-in resistance band technology developed at the NYU School of Medicine. By integrating resistance into the clothing you wear, you can add an extra “layer” of  challenge to any workout or activity, boosting muscle activation by 23% and calorie burn by 14% (on average, based on our testing). For nurses who frequently work 12-hour shifts on irregular schedules, finding time to workout can be a challenge. If you’re managing 6 patients in the ICU one night, you might not feel like getting up the next day to go to the gym. Wearing Physiclo is a great solution because they’re super convenient and adaptable to your lifestyle. You can wear them to your workouts to make them more efficient, so you can get better results in less time. Or you can just wear them while walking around doing errands for extra calorie burn. Hey, if you’re on your feet all day anyway, might as well turn that into your workout, right?

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