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Giving Back: The Manzanita Foundation Brings Medical Training to Papa New Guinea and Syria


How Tanya Johnson and the Manzanita Foundation Are Expanding Access to Medical Care

Across the globe, many communities and regions lack access to medical care and services. From routine vaccinations to physicals and complex medical procedures, these population centers tend to see high mortality rates and shorter life spans simply because they don’t have access to basic medical services. That’s why entrepreneur Tanya Johnson and the Manzanita Foundation are working toward making medical care more readily available in regions that lack these services, including Papa New Guinea and Syria. Both countries struggle to provide the care their citizens need due to a lack of resources and ongoing conflict. Learn more about how the Manzanita Foundation is helping these countries gain access to urgent medical services.

Identifying the Problem

Delivering medical care requires both supplies and medical training. Some areas like Papa New Guinea maybe too isolated to bring in supplies and medical professionals, limiting the population’s access to care. Studies show Papa New Guinea has just 5.3 nurses for every 10,000 people.

While other areas like Syria continue to grapple with the atrocities of war and terrorism. Bringing medical services to these areas can be dangerous and impractical during times of conflict, compounding the effects of war. The refugees of the Syrian Civil War continue to suffer from rampant gender violence and a lack of mental and reproductive health services.

In countries like these, the local government can only do so much to provide for and take care of its citizens. A lack of funds, rampant violence, and geographic isolation are just some of the reasons why finding medical care in these regions can be so challenging, especially when individuals don’t have the means to travel long distances to find the care they need.

How the Manzanita Foundation Is Making a Difference

A long-time passion project for entrepreneur Tanya Johnson, the Manzanita Foundation is a non-profit organization that’s devoted to a range of causes, including wildlife conservation, education, support of the arts, and the advancement of scientific and medical exploration. Her organization has gone to great lengths to bring medical training and supplies to the people of Papa New Guinea and those stationed in the Syrian refugee camps.

As the head of the Manzanita Foundation, Tanya Johnson understands that simply writing a check often isn’t enough when it comes to helping those in need. Meaningful philanthropic work requires sustainable programs, clear milestones that ensure a roadmap to success, and an entrepreneurial approach to come up with novel solutions to complex problems. By training individuals across Papa New Guinea and those overseeing the Syrian refugee camps, the Manzanita Foundation is trying to create a sustainable solution to the lack of medical care.

Bringing in medical resources only solves part of the problem. These areas need a consistent supply of trained medical professionals to make sure individuals receive the care they need. The Manzanita Foundation is providing individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to become licensed medical professionals, helping these regions enjoy greater access to care. Once trained, these individuals can care for the other members of their community and pass down their knowledge and expertise to a new generation. This is just one of the many ways Tanya Johnson and the Manzanita Foundation are giving back to the international community.

If you’d like to donate to or get involved with the Manzanita Foundation, please visit their website for more information.


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