Going back to nursing school

Image: © iStockphoto.com

School starts this week. I am not prepared. Let me repeat, I am not prepared. This quarter may very well kill me, in which case I will be replaced by another blogger who may be more funny or insightful than I am. Which may be a good thing, but still, I don’t want to die. But this quarter appears ominous.

The good thing is, I only have one book to buy. The bad thing is, that means there will be a million (yes, I said a million) articles to read. Reading, writing, thinking; repeat. Sometimes it’s just too much! I remember going back to school when I was a kid and being excited! New books! New pencils! Peechee folders! I mean, it was great.

I got to see my friends; there was recess, lunch, playtime, P.E. and goofing around. Life was simple. Then I grew up and started having to pay insurance and property taxes. Going back to school is insanity! And yet I keep doing it.

They say that your PhD is your “terminal degree” since obviously, there is nothing beyond it. I’m starting to think that they call it “terminal” for another reason. Like maybe I’m not gonna make it out of here!

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