Going home

No more whining and crying from me, Rob is going home.  After several months of trying to make it work at a job I don’t like, I finally got a job back where I belong……the emergency room.
I can’t wait.  I learned over the past couple of years since leaving the ED, and especially in the past two months, that I am an emergency nurse.  Just knowing I am going back makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

What did I miss the most?  Being cursed at, being spit at, being kicked, punched and bit.  Yes!  I missed all of it.  Along with the teamwork that ED nurses and the rest of the team have, the interaction I have with my patients and just the day to day work in the ED.

I have seen the joy of child birth in the ED, I have seen the heartache of death more times that I can even remember.  I have seen the best of society in people that acted heroically, and I have seen the worst of society when a drunk driver destroyed an entire family.  I have seen people do the funniest things that I still laugh at today, and I have seen people in the deepest depths of sadness.

I am an ER nurse, and I am proud of it!

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