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Good news/bad news: Nurse’s aide most dangerous job; Judge sides with nurses


There’s good news and there’s bad news. Which do you want first? Here’s what happened this week in news for nurses.

Last Tuesday, a judge in Superior Court Judge in Middlesex County, Mass., sided with a nurse’s union that had sued to keep the Cambridge Health Alliance from raising health insurance contribution rates paid by retired nurses. The Cambridge Health Alliance is affiliated wiht the Harvard Medical School and operates three campuses in Cambridge. The Massachusetts Nurses Association had asked the court to keep the same insurance contribution rates offered to other members of the City of Cambridge’s retirement system.

Boston Business Journal


A report by Seattle public radio station KUOW-FM reports that the position of nurse’s aide is the most violent job in Washington state. The findings are part of an investigative series by the station that shows healthcare workers in Washington are six times more likely than the state average to be involved in violent situations. Nurse’s unions have called on hospitals to take further measures to protect their nurses, such as more hands-on training on how to handle violent situations.

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