Good news/Bad news: Nursing jobs opening up, they will be filled by robots

Each week at Scrubs, we highlight two “must read” news items that catch our eye. Here is this week’s version of “Good news/Bad news” for nurses…
Good news:
As multiple sources have reported, a large nursing shortage is expected in the coming years. This is good news to future nurses, as well as those who will be looking for a new nursing job in the years to come. But, this also brings us to the bad news…

Bad news:

Toyota Motor Corp. has announced a solution to the nursing shortage: robots. The company says that their line of nursing robots are being designed to help return sick and injured people to health while lessening the burden on their caregivers. A diverse line of robots will serve different functions, in fact, with some helping with domestic chores and others assisting patients with walking. Toyota says the robots should be on the market by 2013.

What do you think? Can robots possibly replace nurses?


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