Got a nursing question? Ask Aunt Agatha!


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Wondering if you should take the plunge and get an advanced degree? Stressing over a bully who just won’t leave you alone? Debating about whether or not you should wear that baby blue eyeshadow to work (or, uh, ever)?

Whatever’s on your mind, Aunt Agatha is here to help you sort through it, tapping into her many years of nursing experience for answers to all of YOUR questions.

About Aunt Agatha:

Aunt Agatha is more than 100 years old, has been a nurse since before you were born and is cool enough to answer questions about interview suits, flirting with doctors and what to do when your cramps get absolutely horrible. Auntie Aggie is like Glinda, the Good Witch, combined with the Best Nurse Ever, combined with Doctor Ruth.

Got a question you need answered? Leave it for Aunt Agatha in the comments section below. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can send it to her attention via She’ll choose select questions to answer in an article here on every month.

*Letters may be edited for detail or length. While “Aunt Agatha” serves as a pseudonym, the author is an experienced nurse. 

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6 Responses to Got a nursing question? Ask Aunt Agatha!

  1. blessed

    why fresh heel blood for gutrie test in pku

  2. bicola634

    Hey. My name is Nicola. I live and work in Scotland and u have been trained for 5 years. I am a very confident person but I also have respect for those that are more experienced than me. My boss however is becoming my biggest problem lately. She is a well respected band 6 district nurse who can be a very nice lady except when she is stressed. He stress is caused by her OCD with she deflects onto everyone she passes. She can in these occasions be very vindictive to me, continuously calling my name looking for me to assist her, never gives me positive feedback or constructive criticisms but expects me to jump when she says so. I appreciate our jobs are stressful, I understand that she has many responsibilities, but I also expect respect as I give her. I don’t feel I have the kind of relationship where I can sit her down and talk to her on a one too one level. My colleagues notice her behaviour towards me but again they don’t want to talk to her about it. I feel I am being bullied in the workplace and it starting to get me down. My dream job is becoming my worst nightmare. Any advise?

  3. deadeyenurse

    As a nurse who has lost most of his eyesight, what nursing jobs do you recommend for blind nurses?

    • Bellebutterfly

      Hello :-),
      Have you tried applying to a Veterans Affairs hospital for as a call center nurse? They have special recruiting for people with disabilities separate from other hiring. If you go to USAJOBS and find a any nursing position the name and phone are toward the bottom of the job description. Just a suggestion, I hope it helps. Good luck..

  4. Bellebutterfly

    Aunt Agatha,
    I so welcome your advice and wisdom. I am currently looking for a position in Florida as a new graduate or emergency room nursing in Florida. I am open to all shifts in any location in Florida. I have been out of nursing for a time due to an illness. I had to undergo treatment which is now complete. I have a BSN and I am currently licensed. Just a bit of my background for reference. I am finding it difficult to get hired on to a hospital. I was curious if their are any tips, advice, or experiences that you or anyone on this site could give me. I am a very positive person but I have to admit it is a bit discouraging because I am so ready to get back into nursing. I am just curious if the reason for my absence is hindering me because I do not see it as a negative but a positive. I can take those experiences and use them to be a better nurse. It is in the details I feel. I am trying to find someone to just give me a chance to get started in something that I so love. Please help.. Thank you..

  5. Bellebutterfly

    One question,
    Is it advisable to call a nurse recuiter after being rejected for a job. If so what questions are acceptable to ask? Thank you..