4 Graduation Season Gift Ideas


‘She believed she could, so she did’. It’s a phrase synonymous with Nurses the world over. As the graduations roll in, congratulatory gifts are passed around. From balloons, to cash.

Graduation gifts should be as unique as the person they are celebrating. Gift cards and cash are boring, and so easy to do. So give the unexpected gift. Something that won’t end up in the next garage sale or in the back of a drawer.

We hand selected a few gifts from Shiny Little Blessings, a boutique online apparel store that have been personalizing Nurses gifts for years. In fact, we’ve featured them on Scrubs Magazine before, and they were so popular we had to do another shout out during graduation season.

We looked at a few of the trinkets from the store and made some recommendations below for any gift ideas during graduation.

  1. Handcrafted and Personalized Nurse’s Bling!
    This jewelry is custom made to order for you. It is personalized and meaningful for the recipient.


    Find it here.

  2. Custom Handcrafted and Personalized Key Rings for Him or Her: with your quote, name and date. Make it personal!! Add his or her graduation date, name and school he or she graduated from and these pieces will be memorable for years to come.


    Find it here.

  3. Nurse’s Accessories with Meaning: have some fun with accessories that are perfect for her special day and years to come.


    Find it here.

  4. When ‘2018’ is the Big One!! Not that they will ever forget this special year.


    Find it here.

What is your favorite nurse’s graduation gift? Why is it special to you? Tell us about it in the comments below.

This post was sponsored by Shiny Little Blessings, offering Nurse gifts and apparel.

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