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Welcome to summertime, guys! If you’ve been wearing a warm-up jacket or lab coat over your work uniform during the winter, you may not have noticed that your scrubs are looking a little worse for wear. It’s time to clean out your closet and replace frayed, stained and well-worn items with cool and comfortable tops and pants. Here are several recommendations for your summer wardrobe.

High Performance, Low Maintenance
As a male nurse, you may have noticed that you get pressed into service for all the tasks that require mobility and muscle. This means you need a pair of cargo scrubs pants with real staying power. A combination elastic/drawstring waist gives you a little extra support so you don’t accidentally show your boxers or briefs when you’re bending and squatting. A blend of polyester, cotton and spandex is the ideal fabric for scrubs pants. It’s breathable and has a little give in the thighs and knees where you need the most stretch. Plus, no ironing is required—these are strictly “wash & wear.”

A raglan sleeve top is a good choice to wear with unisex pants. You won’t have any binding under the arms, and the sleeves are nice and loose for excellent ventilation. Just remember: When you’re wearing a summer top that lets your underarms air out, wear plenty of antiperspirant! Your coworkers will appreciate it. If you dislike the look of elastic or drawstring waistbands on your pants, wear a longer scrubs top. These “tall” scrubs shirts give you a little extra length without being so roomy that you’re swallowed up.

Unisex Scrub Pant

Raglan Sleeve Top

V-Neck T

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