Great summer scrubs styles for men


Rocking the White Collar Look
Unisex scrubs pants are cheap and readily available. But the design choices that go into “one-size-fits-all” clothing…well, let’s face it, they’re kind of…meh. If you want to dress a little more sharply than the average guy in your profession, choose a pleated-front, trouser-style scrubs pant. Look for light colors for summer to give the impression of a high-quality linen suit. However, make sure the fabric has a soil-release finish so you won’t have to fight stains.

If you want to create a complete “business casual” look with your pleated scrubs slacks, consider wearing a zip-front, short-sleeve jacket over a contrasting tee or polo shirt. This ensemble gives you more pockets on top than a traditional scrubs shirt. Wear the jacket open for easy access to your pants pockets. Or zip it up when you’re in a room where the air-conditioning is cranked down too low.

Zip Front Jacket

Pleated Trouser

EMT Pants to the Rescue
If you stop to think about it, EMTs get the flashy side of the healthcare job. They swoop in to save people’s lives and rush them back to the hospital with blaring sirens and flashing lights. Of course, the grueling, sometimes thankless work (ugh!) begins when you and your nurse coworkers step in to do your jobs. What’s even more unfair is that the emergency workers get way cooler pants! Who made up this rule?! Well, thankfully no one’s keeping you from stealing the look. And it’s not just the look factor that’s great about EMT pants. They’re made of heavy-duty fabric and have multiple pockets and snap loops, permanent leg creases and reinforced knees. To make them work with your scrubs, try pairing them with a traditional V-neck scrubs top.


EMT Pant


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