Greetings from a travel nurse


postcard-in-the-sandEver wondered what it’s like being a travel nurse? We’ve asked travelers to keep in touch from the road and give us a taste of the globe trotting life. This week we received a postcard from Jennifer, an OB nurse on assignment in sunny California.

“I recently started my new travel assignment in Susanville, CA, and I really love it here.  The staff is nice, the hospital is nice, and the managers are present and attentive to their employees!  Can’t beat that!

“I loooove being back on an OB-only floor!  I’m made for that.  Susanville itself is not a very exciting town, but it has beautiful views!  And there is just so much to do around.. We’re an hour away from Reno, NV, 1.5 hours away from Lake Tahoe, about 5 hours from San Francisco…We visited lots of places!  California is just a beautiful state!  We’re leaving next week for 4 days in Huntington Beach and after that.. who knows?  We just have so much to see!!!”

– Jennifer

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Safe travels, Jennifer!

Jennifer is a traveler with Travel Nurse Solutions. Are you a travel nurse?  Send us a ‘postcard’! he***@sc*******.com.


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