Guys – Everything You Need to Stay Groomed


It’s the end of your 12, 15, or 18-hour shift.  You’re either:

  1. Going home to bed. (without brushing your teeth or having a shower)
  2. Going out to drink. (without brushing your teeth or having a shower)
  3. Attempting to do a half-assed 30-minute treadmill session at the gym (afterwards you still won’t brush your teeth or shower)

It’s no joke, that today’s Nurse has ZERO time to worry about looking sweet.  But you want to, and why shouldn’t you?  When you look better, you feel better, right guys?  And there’s nothing wrong with ensuring your ‘hard part’ stays hard all day long. (Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about your hair)

So, with a little help from the gang at Scrubs, we thought we’d piece together a few of our 2016 essentials to make sure you stay feeling fresh and looking sharp all day long.  The pieces we pulled together are all designed to keep in your locker, back pack, or murse (that’s man purse, not a male nurse) so you can apply mid break, restroom pit stop, or on your lunch.

1. Khiels Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Formula

This genie in a bottle is a lifesaver, and we’re stopping one short of saying a miracle worker.  It comes with a hefty price tag, but it lasts forever.   Within two weeks, our skin was looking almost revived, it was THAT good.  They also have a money back guarantee if you don’t agree, which is always an incentive!  Use it on your forehead and around the eyes, seriously!


2. Byrd Classic Pomade – Firm Hold, Medium Sheen

If Byrd do one thing well, it’s ensuring your slick locks stay scented.  Byrd’s fresh California type scent will have you thinking your walking around a Ward in Hawaii, or at least smell like you are.  We opted for the firm hold with more of a medium sheen, which allowed us to re-apply during our EIGTH hour on shift without looking like John Travolta in Grease!


3. Khiel’s Body Fuel

They’ve done it again.  While trying to stay true to efficiency, both in time and cost – Khiel’s is hard to beat.  This handy 8oz bottle won’t break the bank at $8.00, and if you only use it for those emergency type shower moments, you’ll be keeping this gem for a long time to come.  It’s also paraben free, sulfate free and silicon free.  What’s more, they don’t test on animals.

4. Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Lotion 8oz

Face, Body, Hands.  If you need a wake up call, or some invigoration along with your seventh cup of coffee, then keep this stuff handy in your locker, and rub a dub dub it into your face throughout the day.  It’s about as organic as it gets, in fact it’s one of the most pure and organic products on the market.  If you’re shy in the follicular department, then use it in replacement of Byrd’s up above!  Otherwise, Dr Bronner’s pulls no punches.  It’s tingling sensation hits you hard and keeps you moisturized for a while.  Two pumps can, in most cases, cover your entire body also, so it’s effective on the wallet.  We love it, the earth loves it, and animals love it. (Don’t go rubbing it on your dog, we mean they don’t test on animals)

5. Right Guard Anti-Perspirant Sport Solid (most stores)

When it comes to making sure you don’t stink, and you don’t look wet, then we’re getting back to basics.  There’s nothing pretentious about this American wonder, and you shouldn’t be shy about using it either.  It’s clear gel type liquid will make sure you don’t stain or smell.  For around $3 it’s one of the most cheapest and most effective products on the market and we love it.  The smell isn’t overpowering either, if you don’t want to smell like you just stepped out of a Right Guard commercial.  Our most recent bottle lasted our test subject around 3 months, $1 per month to stay sweet?  Yes please!

6. No Rinse Bathing Wipes (Walgreens or any similar store)

Even with the arsenal above, you’ll still sweat during your shift.  And what if a patient, spits, shouts or flicks something at you?  Grab some body wipes, butt wipes or baby wipes.  Any old wipes will do.  One of our faves was No Rinse Bathing Wipes.  Hypoallergenic, latex free and antibacterial – yes it will kill e-coli and strep!  At $3.99 for 8 wipes, the entire pack is designed to be your ‘shower on the go’, i.e. each wipe is meant to be used for different parts of your body, so it isn’t purely cost effective – it’s more your emergency shower.  We also recommend any old 100 pack of baby wipes for the same price!


None of this post was promoted.  It came from the pure love and joy from our team, and we’re passing it on to you.

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