Hands free communication

Nurses at Michigan’s Lakeland Community Hospital, Milwaukee’s Froedtert Hospital and others are communicating hands-free, thanks to a small, two-ounce, high-tech badge.
The Vocera wireless communications system was released in 2004 but has been gaining momentum. The device, which can be worn around the neck or pinned to a uniform, sounds like something straight out of Star Trek: Nurses simply press a button on the badge to communicate instantly. The device allows users to send and receive phone calls (both in and out of the institution) without ever having to dial a number. Vocera is text-capable as well, and messages can be sent out en masse, if necessary. It can also be programmed to forward nurse call lights and alarms directly to the responsible nurse.

Vocera has also released a free iPhone app, effectively extending its technology to the smartphone that may already be in your pocket.

Have you used Vocera or a similar technology? What did you think?



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