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Happy new year! Here’s to resolutions…


Well, its 2010 and a brand new year. I feel like I just did this not that long ago! I was pondering my New Year’s Resolutions and came up with the following:
1. I am going to try to make my bed every day. For a long time I haven’t really seen the point in making your bed since you will just be back in it shortly. However, I have these really pretty pillows that go on my bed that should probably be showcased more than twice a month.

2. I am going to try to close my dresser drawers when I am done with them. I know this sounds ridiculous but I am usually running short on time and frantically looking for socks/t-shirt/pants/etc. and once I find it, in my elation, I forget to close my drawers. This often makes me think when I come home at night that I have been robbed.

3. I am going to try to watch Glee. Apparently, this is a big hit. And anyone who has the creativity to make a football team dance to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ has a special place in my heart.

4. I am going to stop procrastinating. Maybe. Tomorrow. Since I didn’t put the dishes away this morning, which means I already broke that one. Shucks.

5. I am going to start cooking more and eating out less. My friend gave me her shopping list with recipes and all her tips and tricks to economical eating. I will give it a go. Warning: I am not that good of a cook. I should probably alert my local fire station.

More resolutions are percolating, but this is the top five for now. Happy New Year to everyone and I wish you all the best!

Rebekah Child
Rebekah Child attended the University of Southern California for her bachelor's in nursing and decided to brave the academic waters and return for her master's in nursing education, graduating in 2003 from Mount St. Mary's. Rebekah has also taught nursing clinical and theory at numerous Southern California nursing schools and has been an emergency nurse since 2002. She is currently one of the clinical educators for an emergency department in Southern California and a student (again!) in the doctoral program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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