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Harvard and USD Graduate Dr. Jonny Kim is Headed to NASA


Dr. Jonny Kim comes with his fair share of accomplishments. He’s been considered one of the brightest and most valuable minds in the medical industry, and now he’s headed to outer space. Kim has completed more than 100 active duty tours throughout the Middle East during his time as a special operations sniper in the Navy. He then went on to graduate from the University of San Diego in 2012 and Harvard Medical School in 2016, where he quickly had become a standout in his graduating class.

Now Kim is heading for NASA as part of the department’s Artemis Program. Learn more about Kim’s exciting adventures and what it will be like to use his healthcare training in space.

Inside the NASA Artemis Program

The Artemis Program is the latest big swing from NASA. Through this ambitious undertaking, NASA plans on sending the first woman and the next man to the moon by 2024, so researchers can learn as much as they can about the lunar surface. The department then hopes to share these findings with international partners in hopes of creating a sustainable form of transportation to and from the moon by 2028.

All of this is in preparation for the next phase of NASA’s master plan: sending astronauts to Mars. This comes at a time when the Trump Administration is pushing for more space exploration. Administrative officials have even floated the idea of a nationalized space force, which received funding from Congress at the end of 2019.

Several nations have announced plans to travel to the moon in the next decade. NASA hopes to make America the first country to send live astronauts to Mars, which could unlock new insights into life here on earth. The capital “A” from the Artemis logo represents the agency’s mission to travel further into space. It just needs the right men and women for the job – and Kim is one of them.

Kim’s Journey from War Hero to Astronaut

Dr. Jonny Kim knew he wanted to practice medicine after returning home from his time as a Navy Seal. As a special operations sniper, Kim has plenty of experience with high-stress situations and life-and-death experiences. Instead of helping the U.S. fight a war, he planned on treating and helping as many patients as possible. He graduated from two of the top medical schools in the nation with flying colors: USD and Harvard Medical School.

He then decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a U.S. astronaut. Along with 18,000 applicants, Kim submitted his application to NASA in hopes of working on future space missions. Thanks to his experience and superb medical training, Kim is now one step closer to making his dreams come true. He’s one of the first to graduate from NASA’s Artemis Program, along with 10 other recruits. Kim will remain on active duty as a Navy officer while serving as an astronaut at NASA, the department said in an official statement. This gives Kim the chance to serve his country in more ways than one.

On social media, Kim describes himself as a “public servant” and “lifetime learner”. These skills will certainly come in handy as Kim and his fellow astronauts venture to the moon and beyond. As a fully trained physician, Kim will be there to respond to any medical emergencies that may arise during the mission, which is good news for his companions.

Everyone at Scrubs Mag is more than excited for Kim and his upcoming adventures. He truly embodies the spirit of public service and life-long learning. We could all stand to be a little more like Dr. Jonny Kim. Follow him on Instagram @jonnyykim for more updates as he gets ready to depart on the mission of a lifetime. He regularly posts about his experiences in the NASA training program, what it’s like to prepare for life with zero gravity, and how his experiences as a healthcare provider continue to shape his worldview. Step inside the shoes of Dr. Jonny Kim and get ready for a whole new chapter in space exploration.


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