Have I lost my mojo?

I think it happens to all of us from time to time, I just wasn’t quite ready for it right now.  I have lost it when it comes to work.  I don’t like work right now.
I don’t think anything really happened.  I was driving to work a couple of weeks ago and realized that I was dreading walking on to the unit.  I knew what was going to happened, as soon as I unlocked my office door, before I could set my lunch bag down and hang up my coat there would be somebody in my office complaining about something.  I know it’s my job to listen to complaints solve problems, but sometimes it just drives me crazy.

I would love if somebody could just walk into my office, sit down and say “Hi Rob….how’s your day, how have you been, is there anything I can do for you.”  But it’s usually, “So-and-so is mean to me and I don’t like the new equipment and I need tomorrow off for a doctor’s appointment that I made yesterday even though I knew I had to work tomorrow and I need to leave early today because I have to go to my kid’s concert and have known about it for 2 months but never bothered to find somebody to work for me and why is so-and-so so hateful and oh….do you have any overtime for me this week?”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s part of my job and I know it.  I knew it going in, but it still wears on you after a while.  I get paid decent money to be the person to vent to. 

I guess what I am saying is….take time once in a while to go in and tell you manager hi, or good job, or I’m glad you are here.  It will make their day, and could possibly keep them from leaving for another job.

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