4 Easy Travel Nursing Tips That Any Nurse Can Use

4 Easy Travel Nursing Tips That Any Nurse Can Use


Stay Healthy & Safe on the Go with These Travel Tips Working as a nurse can be draining, so if you’re also traveling for work, you need to take some extra precautions to make sure that you don’t wear yourself […]

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Is Nursing Unhealthy?


Does our nursing culture promote healthy living? Or does some of our on-the-job culture create an environment that sets us up for unhealthy habits? Most nurses are on their feet working 8-12 hour shifts, often missing meal breaks and even […]

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5 Tips To Stay Lean During The Holidays


My name is Lauren Drain – Registered nurse of 10 years, WBFF Bikini Pro, NASM certified personal trainer and Fitness Model; here are my 5 tips for helping you get through the holiday season. When the holiday season begins, things […]

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Depression & Nurses: A Closer Look At A Common Problem No One Wants To Talk About

Whether in a hospital or at a doctor’s appointment, nurses greet patients with a comforting warmth and kindness. Despite this, nurses are at risk of developing depression at twice the rate of a patient who does not work in the […]



Put Down The Stethoscope & Check Yo Tatas

For us nurses to continue to provide quality care to her patients, we must be in good health. Unfortunately, nurses often forget about their most important patient – themselves. Nurses become so wrapped up in caring for others, they forget to […]

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Nursing Culture & Why It’s Hard To Stay In Shape

My name is Lauren Drain and I want to talk to you about the difficulties we as nurses face when it comes to being healthy and staying in shape. We as nurses have an incredibly good track record for going […]

Find Your Center With These Easy Yoga Positions Perfect For Anywhere
Career Advice for Nurses


Find Your Center With These Easy Yoga Positions Perfect For Anywhere

Yoga has been growing in popularity for years. Not only is it a great workout and helps people strengthen their bodies, it’s also effective for strengthening the mind and relieving stress and tension. Actually, yoga is so popular that it […]

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Smart Food Choices Fight Heart Disease & Other Cardiometabolic Diseases

As a nurse, you already know that diet is linked to overall health, especially our heart health. What we eat on a daily basis can have a big impact on whether we’ll develop conditions like type 2 diabetes or heart […]

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‘Think Fungus’ To Help Prevent The Growth Of Fungal Diseases

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared Aug. 14-18 as the very first Fungal Disease Awareness Week. Throughout the world, the prevalence of fungal diseases is a serious health issue. Fungal infections can lead to severe illnesses […]