Here’s how you land the job

land-that-jobI frequently get requests from student groups on my unit to come talk to them about what they can do to stand out and get their first job.  I am happy to do what I can and come discuss it with them, but unfortunately this is a tough time for new grads.

What I tell them is; you are now professional nurses, so now is the time to act professionals.  What I mean is, this isn’t an interview for server job at the local chain restaurant, this is the first job in your new career.  So play the part.

My suggestions are:

  • Polish up your resume.  It’s the first thing that the interviewer will see and if it doesn’t look good, you’ll never get an interview.
  • When you get an interview, show up on time.  If you can’t show up for the interview on time, it shows me that you can’t show up to work on time either.
  • Dress like a professional.  Don’t show up in jeans, shorts, flip-flops or any other casual attire.  A professional appears shows a professional attitude.
  • Turn off your cell phone.  And if you forget and it rings during your interview, don’t answer it.
  • After the interview thank the interviewer for their time.  I am not one that feels a thank you card is necessary, but the card or even an email will keep your name fresh in my mind.
  • Follow up….but don’t be a pest.

Although some of these like common things to do…..I have seen all of these things in various interviews.  I always amazed at what applicants will wear or say at an interview and think it is perfectly acceptable.

Hang on while I take this call!

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Rob Cameron

Rob Cameron is currently a staff nurse in a level II trauma center. He has primarily been an ED nurse for most of his career, but he has also been a nurse manager for Surgical Trauma and Telemetry unit. He has worked in Med/Surg, Critical Care, Hospice, Rehab, an extremely busy cardiology clinic and pretty much anywhere he's been needed.Prior to his career in nursing, Rob worked in healthcare finance and management. Rob feels this experience has given him a perspective on nursing that many never see. He loves nursing because of all the options he has within the field. He is currently a grad student working on an MSN in nursing leadership, and teaches clinicals at a local university.Away from work, Rob spends all of his time with his wife and daughter. He enjoys cycling and Crossfit. He is a die hard NASCAR fan. Sundays you can find Rob watching the race with his daughter.

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5 Responses to Here’s how you land the job

  1. Thanks for the tips! I will be sure to use them when I graduate. Looking forward to bloging with expereinced nurses such as yourself!

  2. Great advice, thanks for providing it. Do you have any tips for phone interviews? I know a lot of the travel nurses I work with would love to read them.

  3. Kevin

    The advice is good… I graduated in Oct 2010 licensed in Dec 2010…. had over 100 apps out and never got a call… no interviews and only a few turn downs… mostly just no response at all and I was in the top 5 in my class… I give up… going back to school for something that I can actually get a job in…

  4. Good advice. This should be practiced by any new professional (and the seasoned ones too!) in the medical field. We have travelers that would also benefit from phone interview tips. Good suggestion, Jeff!