High blood pressure quiz

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High blood pressure is one of the most common ailments among patients.

How much do you know about this condition? Test yourself!

High blood pressure, a medical condition wherein blood pressure is chronically elevated, is also called:

High blood pressure in adults is defined as a consistently elevated blood pressure of:

Although asymptomatic, which of the following is NOT a serious implication that can be caused by high blood pressure?

Although the symptoms of high blood pressure are not specific, which of the following is NOT a symptom that may be expressed at a later phase?

Children can have high blood pressure.

Which of the following factors does NOT contribute to high blood pressure?

Some 5% of high blood pressure cases can be traced back to a known cause. Which of the following is NOT one of those causes?

High blood pressure can also be caused by a panic attack, which is NOT revealed in the form of:

White coat hypertension, a condition where an individual's blood pressure consistently measures high at the doctor's office, yet is normal at other times, is common in older people.

Which of the following is NOT a lifestyle change essential to maintaining a healthy blood pressure?

Treatment for high blood pressure can result in repeated readings of blood pressure in the normal range, but one can still have high blood pressure.

The best way to tell if you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure checked.



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21 Responses to High blood pressure quiz

  1. The 1st question is worded incorrectly.

  2. you may need to take a look at the answers to the 1st question. I didn’t answer it because there WAS no answer.

  3. Dusti is correct. There is no way to answer the 1st question because the answers are just the question repeated each time. I only missed one–answered high bp consistently over 140’s sys

    • Scrubs Editors

      Ugh…you’re right. Thanks to our readers for catching this.

  4. Dixie

    Is this a joke? No answer, just the question repeated about 4 or 5 times! Stupid quiz. I won’t waste any more time on this.

    • Scrubs Editors

      Oops. Big time. This has been fixed. Thanks Dixie!

  5. Mary Notrica

    ****High blood pressure in adults is defined as a consistently elevated blood pressure of:
    150 mm Hg systolic and 90 mm Hg diastolic or higher
    (this info is outdated, and incorrect). I believe the numbers are now 140/80. Otherwise, a very good quiz.

  6. Please recheck your answer on question 2, current guidelines now are hypertension defined as consistantly over 140 systolic and/or diastolic 90. Or at least that is what all my journals and books are listing.

  7. Divina

    Yes,pls. check that question #2, almost all nursing books are saying…consistent 140/90 BP is HTN (hypertension), normal adult BP 120/80.

  8. Karen Southard, RN, BSN

    I agree, question 2 is misleading as a reading of B/P of 120/80 is now considered pre-hypertension

  9. Nita Monique

    Did pretty well on this one..missed 1, was also confused about guidelines for HTN..I too chose continuous reading of 140/90..does not matter if there is an error or not.. if u know ur stuff, u know ur stuff 😉

  10. JEN

    I got all the answers correctly… Yay! =)

  11. pabz

    i got the 2nd question wrong.i had it 140/90 i think thats high already.

  12. frank hufana

    Great revision!!! :)

  13. marites

    remember BP can be an illness itself and it can lead to other ailments.. its not a sign of any diseases anymore..

  14. Aris

    140/90… According to the philippine heart association, books and journals! Just double check please…

  15. I missed one! QUESTION number 2 was incorrect. It should be 140/90. Try to look for a reference guys!

    otherwise keep it up!

  16. amazingdimple

    thanks for this… i got 11 out of 12…yahoo!

  17. amazingdimple

    thanks for this… i got 11 out of 12…yahoo!

  18. kurimaw

    question number 6 please.. all of them are factors that can contribute to high blood pressure.. exercise does elevate BP..

  19. louise

    i just graduated in dec… ques 2 should def be 140/90 thats from my text books