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You can always trust Posh to tell it like it is when it comes to fashion. Here’s her advice for what to show and what to hide: “However you’re built, be mindful of the rule that if you get your boobs out, put your legs away and vice versa.” We don’t recommend “getting your boobs out” at work under any circumstances (unless you’re popping by radiology for a quick mammogram). But there’s nothing wrong with showing a little leg now and then. We adore Ms. Beckham’s white runway dress with demure collar, fitted bodice and calf-length hem.

How nice to see this look imitated for work in a fashionable white nursing dress! Nurses are reviewing this new style right and left on Amazon. It’s rapidly becoming a favorite for “pinning” ceremonies, but it can also be used for everyday wear. Reviewers concur that the fabric is thick and durable—not the flimsy see-through stuff you may be used to with white nursing apparel. Be warned though, the size runs pretty large. If you want a fitted look à la Posh Spice, you should order a size down. Remember to pair this piece with your nicest work shoes so you can show a little leg that doesn’t end in a giant puffy blob!

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