Image: Fancy Photography | Veer

I remember doing my peds rotation at our local Children’s Hospital.

I remember how much I loved working with the kids, how the staff always seemed to genuinely care for everyone.

I remember that feeling I got that made me feel like I was in the right place.

I loved my eight short weeks on the floor, and I was so sad on that last day as I waved goodbye to the kids in the play room.

On the last day of clinical I walked through the hallway and thought, “I could be back here someday.” It was a sort of eerie feeling, because it wasn’t like the other hospitals I tried to picture myself at. This was different. This time I felt it.

And so last week I walked down that same hallway when it slowly dawned on me – “I’m going to be working here.” That ID badge would soon be hanging proudly from my scrubs, I was going to know what to do to help out these kids, and I was going to work there to make a difference in their lives. I start working next week as a patient care services assistant, and I can’t wait! I am so thankful to have been able to get an interview at this hospital, and I feel so honored now to be considered as part of the staff.

Sure there were other hospitals I pictured myself working at, but there was always something missing. Maybe it was the giraffes and tigers on the walls, the aquariums in the front lobby, or the rainbow drawings on the walls. It could be, these definitely aren’t your typical hospital decorations. But it’s something more than that. It’s the sense that everyone is there to help these kids live happy and healthy lives. It’s the way the health care workers embrace you because you want to help the kids too. It was a feeling that I had finally found where I belonged as I walked down those plastic tree-lined halls. I’ve been hired, and now I am hooked.

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