Holiday favorites!!

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to watch all of the Holiday movies!  Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than my favorites!!  Here are a few must sees that I never would go a season without!!
1)  A Christmas Story

Nothing compares to the humor behind the old saying ” You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!”  Little Ralphie Parker cringes at this phrase every time it is uttered.  His only wish for Christmas is for The Big Man himself to bring his beloved Red Rider BB Gun!

2) Elf

“What’s Your Favorite Color?” This family holiday movie has quickly become a yule-tide favorite over the past couple years. Will Ferrell plays Buddy, an over-sized human Elf who discovers he is adopted.  Join Buddy on his adventure to New York City where he searches and finds his birth father and family! Great for all ages!

3) It’s A Wonderful Life

I could watch this movie over and over. Watching George Bailey win the heart of his beloved Mary, and starting a family.  When things get rocky with the family Building and Loan business, George hits rock bottom and his guardian angel shows him how life in Bedford Falls would be if  there were no George Bailey!  This one is sure to tug at the heart strings!

4) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Can you say HILARIOUS?! Clark W. Griswold, the everoptimistic Christmas-loving family man tries to make the perfect holiday for the whole family. From his Christmas tree catching fire to struggling with the outdoor Christmas lights, this comedy will give the adults in the family some great laughs!! Oh yeah, can’t forget about cousin Eddy!

5) Home Alone 1 & 2

I have to say, even as an adult I enjoy the Home Alone movies!  I can watch these two movies again and again.  Kevin McAllister is left by his family during the holidays…not once, but twice!  Watch as Kevin leads two stumbling burglars on a wild goose chase and gets into some mischief himself along the way! These are movies the whole family will enjoy this Christmas season!

Whether you are a kid at heart or just in the mood for some Christmas cheer…these movies are sure to be a hit with the family!!  Happy Holidays!

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