Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Gym1 – Editor’s Pick


The world’s smallest and most versatile home gym that secures to your doorway, Gym1 brings the fun of exercising indoors, where kids and adults can swing, climb, stretch, crunch, lift, pull, yoga and exercise all from your own doorway.

It’s a revolutionary way to get moving and stay active day or night, and a wonderful investment in your health and happiness, and with all the attachments for a variety of activities it’s truly the only gym you’d need at home. Get a jump on your 2018 fitness goals with a Gym1.

Oska Pulse


Oska Pulse is a brand new pain relief health-tech wearable product (it can fit in pockets, purse or backpack) great for men and women of all ages who have minor aches and pains (back, knee) to chronic pain (fibro) and are looking to find relief.

Great for after workouts, yoga, running, tennis, golf, travel –and of course, working all day on your feet. It’s a treat for nurses and can be found at Oska Wellness. Take $50 off with SCRUBS50.

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