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Ok, so there is this new commercial out for a pasta dinner that has what looks like a female nurse preparing the meal and a business-type male as her partner.
Although the food looks tasty (I’m not going to lie, I did clip out the coupon to try this brand out!) I can’t get past the fact that the woman is…wearing…her…name…badge. And all I can focus on is how gross it is to not only wear your name badge in the house but COOK FOOD while wearing it.

I think whoever scripted the commercial did not consult a real health care professional because I am fairly sure that most of us take certain articles of clothing off as soon as possible. My name badge is one of them and my shoes are another. Those nasty clogs NEVER go in my house. I used to actually leave them on the front porch until one day I found one of my clogs half way down the hill. Now I leave them in the garage.

I know one nurse who actually changes tops before she goes home and puts her shoes in a plastic bag in the trunk of her car. I also can’t take my stethoscope out of the hospital or wear it while I am eating. I just see imaginary MRSA floating down onto my Tostitos. I guess we all have weird germ issues…what are yours?

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