New books for kids in the hospital

Pediatric nurses can rejoice over a new book series just for their patients.
Hospital Critterz, written by Stacey Laura Lloyd, depicts the extraordinary adventures of Lily and Max, two eight-year-old patients at McPopper Children’s Hospital, and their magical friends, the Hospital Critterz. Each book sees these twelve little characters travel through time and, with the help of a riddle, work together to creatively solve a problem for another child in need.

Author Lloyd’s interest in writing the “Hospital Critterz” series came from a combination of her experiences in working with children, the influence of her family, and her passion for writing. Her mother, an elementary school librarian, and her father, an author of numerous business books, both instilled in her a love of books, reading, and writing. In addition, Lloyd’s sister is a pediatrician, which makes this book series especially meaningful to Ms. Lloyd.

You can hear the author talk more about the Hospital Critterz series and details about the first book, The Prairie Pet, in this audio clip at Health Radio.

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