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Christmas Eve Birth Tragedy Turns into a Miracle

Nurses who work in obstetrics get to see the miracle of birth and life every day. And while giving birth on Christmas Eve may make the already miraculous process of birth and life even more special, things can go horribly wrong as well. Just ask Tracy Hermanstorfer and her husband, Mike, of Colorado Springs, Colo.

According to the Associate Press, on Christmas Eve 2009, 35-year-old Tracy was being prepped to deliver her third child when she suddenly stopped breathing. Despite immediate CPR, the doctors and nurses couldn’t bring her back to life. Fearing for the life of the couple’s unborn son, the doctors performed an emergency Cesarean section. A few moments later, Mike was told that Tracy had a pulse once again.

After much testing, doctors were unable to determine what caused Tracy’s brush with death nor can they say if it will or won’t ever happen again. However, this miracle mom is just grateful that she lived to see another day.

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