Hospital Patient Attacks Nurses With Metal Pipe

Have you seen this scary video this morning of a  68-year-old hospital patient chasing down nurses and attacking them with a metal pipe pulled from his bed?

Healthcare workers experience the most nonfatal workplace violence compared to other professions by a wide margin in the U.S., according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It’s no question that your safety as a nurse canHealthcare workers are hit, kicked, scratched, bitten, spat on, threatened and harassed by patients with surprising regularity. In a 2014 survey, almost 80 percent of nurses reported being attacked on the job within the past year.



Due to the nature of the job, nurses have to get uncomfortably close with very stressed-out people, so an element of aggression could be considered inevitable. Some assaults can come from people experiencing: dementia, psychosis, and in-home-care patients are also frequent sources. In the 2014 survey, almost 50 percent came from patients and family members who were drunk or on drugs. Plenty of people attack nurses out of simple frustration.

Many of us have loved ones who work in healthcare, are you concerned for their well-being?

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