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Hospital Patient Charged After Attacking Pregnant Nurse, Killing Her Unborn Child


A patient that was being treated at a Florida hospital has been charged with attacking a pregnant nurse. The assualt eventually lead to the death of her unborn child.

Joseph Wuerz, 53, has been charged with aggravated battery on a first responder, aggravated battery on a pregnant victim, and homicide of an unborn child.

According to a police report, the unidentified nurse, who was 32 weeks pregnant at the time of the attack, was treating another patient at Longwood Hospital Saturday when Wuerz walked into the room and began attacking her.

Wuerz allegedly shoved the nurse against the wall and kicked her repeatedly without speaking.

Several security guards finally pull Wuerz away from the nurse.

She was taken to another hospital, where doctors told her that the fetus had died because they couldn’t detect a heartbeat.

Wuerz was previously arrested twice for domestic violence and remains in jail as of Thursday on a $90,000 bond.


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