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Hospital Romance: How Much Is Too Much?


You Need Your Head on Your Shoulders, Not in the Clouds

Critical thinking is a crucial skill to the nursing process. You need to assess the conditions, demonstrate effective decision-making, employ suitable interventions, and evaluate the outcomes. Needless to say, focus and concentration are critical to taking care of your patients.

The problem with romantic nursing relationships is that it can affect your job performance. You might find yourself distracted by his or her presence, taking more breaks or finding ways to sneak off to be alone with your SO. Not only that this type of behavior could impact your job performance, but it can also make your coworkers see you as a slacker.


When the Inevitable Happens

Look, being a nurse is hard enough. You work your pants off to care for your patients and to build a successful career. And when you finally get a day or two off, you don’t have the energy to hit the bars in the hope that you will meet someone. You spend most of your time at work, which makes it easier to get close to some of your colleagues. After all, these are the people you see every day and with whom you share your ups and downs. When you spend so much time with someone, it’s almost inevitable not to become intimate. Also, it’s nice to be with someone who “gets” you and the challenges of your job.

So, as much as you’re trying to stay rationale and listen to your head, sometimes relationships are unavoidable. When that happens, learn to play it smart and keep it cool.

Play Smart

“Just avoid office romances” is the most common career advice you will get from every nurse. But, we’re all human after all, and nobody is immune to love. If you believe your relationship is “the real thing,“ not just a fling, be smart about it.

Try to stay clear of any relationships that have the potential to damage your career. Know the hospital policies, if any. Consider allowing yourself a bit of distance – work in another team or on different shifts.

You never know when Cupid is going to hit and where you’re going to find someone you like. It could be at your gym or during your late night shift. What matters is to handle the situation responsibly.

If you’re not sure whether to start a romantic nursing relationship, check out this article about things to consider about dating a coworker.

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