How to roll out technology

Image: © OConnell

The last few postings I have discussed the how my unit is implementing a new computer system, and how important preparation is when looking for a job.  I talked about how I thought the computer rollout was going to go down in flames due to the inadequate training that was available.

Well….I was wrong.  My staff was awesome.  The rollout went without a hitch on my unit.  The staff was open and ready despite the training.

I attribute this all to being prepared.  I prepped my staff for this for the past month.  Daily email reminders to get their training completed.  Daily huddles to remind the staff of the upcoming changes.  Even a threat or two that they could not work if their training was not complete (for those of you that take me too seriously, that was a little joke…actually I did, but I would not have followed through).

Preparing my staff was the key to success.  I probably over-prepared them because I was so worried about the system, but it was the right thing to do.

So, like I said in the previous posts, preparation in the key to success in everything you do as a nurse.  Prepping for tests while you are in nursing school, prepping for the NCLEX, prepping for a job interview, prepping for your first day of work or for every nursing task you will perform as nurse throughout your career.

So, as usual, I was right…..except, I still haven’t finished my own training.  Don’t tell my staff please.

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