Hospitals implementing 24/7 visitation access

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Staten Island University Hospital is one of the most recent medical centers around the country that will implement 24/7 visitation hours.

The move is in response to a 2011 federal mandate requiring hospitals to maximize support for Medicare and Medicaid patients by allowing more access for family, friends and other visitors.

While many healthcare professionals in a Staten Island Advance article say the move will be good news, they also worry about the security implications of expanded visiting hours.

What’s your take? Head to the comments below to let us know what your experience has been with 24/7 visitation, or how you think the expanded hours would change your workplace.



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4 Responses to Hospitals implementing 24/7 visitation access

  1. baddsisterr19169

    I don’t mind adults staying over with the family but my hospital allows children up on a floor with heavy MDRO everywhere, and I just think it’s wrong.

  2. mamajo

    I think that for the patients this could be a good change, however I think that when nurses need to be caring for the patients that the family/friends should be asked to leave.

  3. heidimatlock

    I feel that with some patients, the only good sleep they get is when the family leaves. I think having some designated no visiting time is good for the patient and allows the family to take a break without feeling guilty.

  4. jas

    Not sure about 24/7 visiting hours, but I do believe a few family members should be allowed to stay with patient around the clock, if the patient agrees. It involves the family more in the care and decisions to be made. Some patients would rather have family members do some of their routine care (ADLs). Also, in some cultures, the families are expected to do these things and feel wronged when told they can’t.