How 12 hours can fly by!

Are you ever amazed with how much you can get done in a 12 hour period when you aren’t at work?
Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE working 12 hour shifts because then I get more days off (theoretically). But sometimes I am off, cruising about town, running this errand or that and I look down at my watch and think…hmmm…I’d only be going to my first break right now.

For example, the other day I woke up, went to three different stores to run errands, came home, made lasagna, had ten people over (plus two kids) for dinner, we hung out by the pool, ate, had a great time, cleaned up, took a shower, got in my PJs, and it was only 9 pm! I would still have 2-3 hours of work left in my shift.

And yet, sometimes the work day goes by so quickly…I wonder, “Where did 12 hours go?” The day is so fun and you meet so many nice (or interesting or horrible) people that you barely notice the time.

It just fascinates me how a 24 hour day can be so varied in how the time spent. But each way to spend it has its own value and merit!

Cheers to your next day on or day off! Spend your minutes wisely!

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