How a code is like a TV show…

I am one of the few natives here in California that was actually born and raised in Los Angeles. That being said, I am not easily impressed by Hollywood, celebrity or the like. I prefer steady jobs that pay bi-weekly and don’t involve constant critique or disappointment (well, at least the first part of that sentence applies to nursing).
I had the unique opportunity the other day to watch a TV talk show being filmed and see the back stage portion of the production. I was so impressed with the coordination of all the people, the uniqueness of their roles, and how they all brought their individual skills together to make one seamless, finished product: a TV show.

It made me compare and contrast that team work with the team work of hospitals. Think of the last code you may have participated in. Didn’t we all have our own roles that we had to coordinate? Sometimes the coordination and team work is better than others and sometimes we produce a successful TV show (i.e. we “save” the patient).

Sometimes we could work better on our communication and interactions. But in the end, we are all trying to do what’s best for the patient. It may not be as fancy as making a TV show, or as glamorous, but it can be pretty rewarding. Now, if only I could get one of those headsets!

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