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How do I deal with the snail preceptee?


Build their confidence

●     Ask the charge nurse from the previous shift to assign patients who may be on the easier side, even if just for a day. If that new nurse can manage easier patients and keep up for one day, it may do remarkable things for his confidence. As you may remember from the beginning of your own career, less confidence meant doubting your every move, which equated to less efficient nursing. Boosting your preceptee’s confidence may make a world of difference.

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Nicole Lehr
Nicole Lehr is a pediatric nurse. She can be described in three adjectives: content, thankful and fortunate. All credit for the aforementioned description can be given to the love she has for her profession as an RN. She graduated from University of Florida with her Bachelor’s in Nursing and moved to Atlanta to work at the Cardiac Stepdown Unit at Children’s — her dream job.

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