How do I properly pronounce…?

ScrubsPronunciationCan I get a vowel?!

It’s not enough that nursing and the world of medicine is saturated with acronyms. Not only do we abuse acronyms, but also nursing has its own language. So now we rub salt into our wounds by having to pronounce those crazy terms properly.

[As a side note, I’d like to thank the Latin language for contributing to this entertaining frustration.]


Gwuah?…Did you just sneeze or something?

The next time someone asks you how to pronounce this common expectorant, think of another ‘G’ word that we commonly see when we suspect gastrointestinal bleeding. Remember the test we order called Guaiac stool?

(Why does everything lead back to poo? Really?)

 Guaiac = ‘gwi-ak’

Guiltiness = ‘gwi-Fen-ah-sin’

You just correlated coughing with pooping in the same sentence. Isn’t nursing fun?!

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