How do you recognize excellence?

excellenceWhen I was interviewed by my staff for my manager position, I was asked, “How do you recognize excellence?” What a great question. I recognize it by being involved with the staff and being a part of what is happening on the unit. Participating in the care of patients, even if it is just helping to lift a patient in the bed, that is how I see how the nurses practice.
We have all had those managers that sit in their office all day, are not engaged with the staff or patients and have no idea what is happening on the unit or with their staff. I vowed to myself that I would never be that type of manager. Although I have my duties I need to complete in my office, I still make the time each day to round on the unit — to talk to the patients, families and nurses to see what is happening or what is needed. I always make myself available to assist with that difficult IV and to teach the nurse what they can do different.

This is how I see excellence. I am able to see how the nurses interact with patients and families. I am able to see how they work together to create a team that makes patient safety a priority. I am able to see how they handle those difficult situations that present themselves each day.

I am also able to see who is struggling to keep up, and who is just not making it as part of the team. This gives me the opportunity to help them find the resources they need to be successful or to help them find a place where they fit in better.

I am proud of what I see from my staff everyday. They work hard and keep their patients safe.  That is excellence.

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