How do you show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


It takes a team of dedicated medical professionals to treat and help prevent breast cancer, and nurses are on the front lines every step of the way. From pushing for routine screenings that can drastically increase survival rates to supporting patients throughout the course of treatment, nurses are there providing education for patients and their families, monitoring responses and holding hands in need of comfort.
Needless to say, the connection between nurses and the community of those affected by breast cancer is strong—nurses know the odds, understand the urgency and have witnessed the losses. But that, coupled with the fact that nursing is the number one most trusted profession in the nation, is the very reason nurses are best fit to spearhead the effectiveness of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

There are still countless numbers of men and women who will be touched by breast cancer, but there also are countless numbers who have yet to be touched by you. Use your influence to elicit action—it’s as simple as starting a conversation.

Below, our own Nurse Mendoza shares another way that you can not only contribute to the cause, but also wear your support year-round:

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