How has your pet made you a happier nurse?


Recently, we published an article about pet adoption. The response we received nearly made our heads explode with cuteness. Picture after picture was uploaded of the adorable pet-children that keep you nurses company after hours.
We thought it only fair to share the good feelings with you, so we’ve compiled a collection of some of your pet pics below. Enjoy!

“He’s always waiting for me to get home from work.” —Diane M.

“Every time I get home.” —Mackenzie M.

“He’s my therapy dog…. LOL. Enough said.” —Jehnn S.

“My cat is my best friend. She’s always so happy when I come home; she meets me at the front door. She knows when I’m sad. Such a sweet little baby!!” —Kendall D.

“My rescues are grateful and loving. Two Danes and two bulldogs. I come home from working all night and the bulldogs and I have our routine and they sleep all day with me. ANYONE walks in my room and boy will alert. Girl will bark and lick to death. The Danes are my outside warning system. They are my quiet when I get home from a ‘ruff’ night. The hubby works days and kids are in school. Who could refuse these faces? Raspuschia and Cos!” —Amie C.

“The BEST stress reliever! They help me to take the attention off myself…forget my frustrations.” —Kathy M.

“I love cuddling with him after a rough shift.” —Kris W.

“Great pillows too!” —Melissa M.

“Unconditional love…. Period.” —Christina B.

“YES! No matter how bad or how hectic my day, the wiggle dance I get when I get home is the best part of my day! My boxers make me laugh every day!” —Alyson P.

“These are my therapy dogs; they do not talk back, great listeners. And they wait on me to come home from night shift and nap with me.” —April M.

“Who rescued who, really?” —Chera H.


“I left work the other day and told my fellow co-workers after a wild night, ‘All I want to do is go home and kiss my dog,” and I did just that! LOL!” —Rebecca P.



“My little guy cuddles up to me all the time. On maternity leave at the moment and he’s by my side all day, every day.” —Caitlin B.

“I can’t imagine coming home and not seeing my Charlie there, so happy to see me, and giving me the pet therapy I need after a long, grueling shift at work.” —Mary B.


“My sweet baby.” —Stina S.


Oh, and did we mention we’re available for pet sitting?

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