How Kim Kardashian Could Have Died with this Lesser Discussed Medical Problem


In 2013, Kim Kardashian West gave birth to North West, her first daughter.  The pregnancy made headlines around the Globe, but it wasn’t necessarily the high profile celebrity that trailed the wakes of such a power couple pregnancy.  The problems that Kim suffered during the pregnancy also made huge headlines.

Kim suffered from Pre-Eclampsia.  It’s a condition that affects 5% of pregnant women, and can be fatal if not treated quick and correctly.  The symptoms are often sudden and action needs to be just as so.  You notice the first onset symptom being high blood pressure, usually in the 140/90.  Higher levels of protein in the urine will also be present.  Excessive swollen ankles, face and feet are a big indicator.  If you are short of breath or gaining weight at a rapid rate (more than 4 pounds in one week) it will be worth taking a trip to your doctor.

The main issue pre-eclampsia can cause is restriction of the blood vessels.  With blood flow slowing down, the growth rate of baby can suffer.  Even worse, placental abruption can occur, causing the placenta to detach from the uterine wall before delivery.  Want another side effect?  Preeclampsia is responsible for 20% of premature births each year – so your baby can suffer the effects of a premature birth.

The only real solution to preeclampsia is delivery.  This can be a tough call based on where you are at in pregnancy. 

While preeclampsia can be a stressful and rightfully so worrying time, we have put together five of the top ways you can help yourself through a difficult stage, and how you can also help your friends who might be going through something similar.

  1. Get rest.  It sounds obvious, but a lot of women won’t let a pregnancy keep them off their feet.  Lots of bed rest and relaxation is key.
  1. Don’t stress.  Is your job stressing you out?  Take a breather.  The more anxious you are surrounding your pregnancy won’t help.  Do some activities such as Yoga, acupuncture or even a pregnancy massage.
  1. Keep a good diet.  It sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people think that being pregnant is an excuse for being a human garbage disposal.  Family medical history plays a part in Pre-eclampsia, so if you have any history such as diabetes, then make sure you keep your diet on point.
  1. For-warned, is for-armed.  The more you know, the better you’ll be prepared.  Google ‘PreEclampsia’ and you’ll see a wealth of information on Google.
  1. Try not to panic.  There are mild cases of pre-eclampsia, and yours might just be that.  If so – then pay attention to Number 1.  It matters the most.


Photo credit @Instagram/KimKardashian

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