How Much Does Vaping Cost You A Day?


Vaping is a tobacco-free alternative that provides a feel similar to smoking but is relatively safer and healthier. It has been heavily marketed by companies and supported by governments as a product that aids in quitting addictions.

However, before you try vaping, it’s necessary to understand its associated expenses. So, for your convenience, here, we have put forward the cost of vaping per day and the factors that impact the price.

Factors that affect the cost of vaping

The market is flooded with various options. Each vape has different features concerning its nature of use, battery power, nicotine level, and vape juice quantity.

The below section will help you determine the estimated cost of vaping based on these specific traits.

Nature of Use

Vape pens are either disposable or refillable. Once the e-juice inside the vape is exhausted, disposable vapes must be disposed of, as they cannot be refilled.

Hyde vapes are the cost-effective choices which offer the disposables lowest to $9.99. The costs of disposables may even go up to as high as $18.99, depending on the brand and models opted for. Rechargeable disposables are usually more expensive than non-rechargeable ones.

However, the environmental cost of these devices is also high, as each vape that is disposable results in added pollution.

Alternatively, refillable vapes contain cartridges that can be detached to replace with new ones. Refillable vapes come at a marginally higher price than disposables, with a nominal added cost for cartridges, which can be customized as per user preferences.

The average price of refillable vapes is $30-$100. In addition, it can cost $1.7-$5 for each replacement cart.

Thus, if you are a newbie, disposables are the right choice. But if you are a regular vaper, refillable vapes will be a profitable investment in the long term.

Puffs and e-Juice

Each vape specifies the e-juice quantity, flavor, and number of puffs it provides. For disposable vapes, the puff count ranges from 3000 to 5000.

On the contrary, refillable vapes are everlasting. However, to calculate its cost, we can assume that an average cartridge provides about 130-140 puffs.

While it may seem like a hassle to constantly change cartridges, buying a kit or a bulk purchase of carts can solve the problem with a high initial cost while reducing expenses with time.

Now, different vape juices have varied prices. A 30ml bottle of single-flavored e-liquid with a 2-5% nicotine level costs around $10-$20.

In the case of pre-filled disposables, the cost of vape juices comes down to $3-7. However, these juices come in less quantity, serving hardly 1-2 days.

Recharging Cost

Be it disposable or refillable; most vapes come with a recharging option. They usually require a universally used charger available in all homes.

However, the charger does not come with the vape, so you need to bear the cost of buying it separately. Also, the added electricity cost of charging vapes needs to be factored in when calculating the daily cost of vaping.

Thus, if you want to limit your vaping costs, opt for high-capacity rechargeable devices that do not need to be charged often. With a 650 mAH battery, Elf Bar BC5000 Vape is more suitable for high nicotine demand vapers. It carry with a rechargeable battery and 5000 puffs vape juice.

Calculating the Cost of Daily Vaping

Well, an average number of puffs is essential for making this deduction. As per manufacturers, 10 puffs of a vape is equivalent to that of a cigarette. However, studies have shown that an average person vapes about 140 puffs a day.

Thus, it implies that a disposable vape with 3000 puffs priced at around $30 would cost $1.4 a day. Calculating the same for refillable cartridges is difficult, as it depends on the nicotine level and puffs provided.


Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking and other addictive substances. It is easily accessible, safer than other addictions, and is found to be pretty cost-effective when its daily cost is calculated.


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