How NOT to gain weight as a nursing student

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Well, let me rephrase that. How NOT to gain weight as ANY type of student. Or better yet, how NOT to gain weight at your job, at school, at ‘play’… at all.

No, I’m not selling some ‘fool-proof’ scam. It’s nothing new. In fact, the last time I checked my suggestions (tricks) are quite common, and honestly the most effective of all techniques. They don’t ‘expire’, they don’t come ‘in a bottle’ and outside of your average ‘costs’ they are rather cheap!

Here it is in a nut shell:


Stop taking the bus. Stop driving your car (where applicable). Start walking… EVERYWHERE

I’m a new graduate student at my (somewhat) local college campus. I walk everywhere once I’m on campus. I don’t take the shuttle (even though it is free for students). I don’t drive my car across town when one class is 4 or 5 blocks away from another. In fact, the parking garage I park in is no closer than 4 blocks to my nearest classroom. This particular garage is on ‘top’ of campus. I have to traverse down 3 separate hills that possess an (approximate) incline of 30 or 40 degrees – I’m not exaggerating. These ‘hills’ have rest stop all along the sidewalk for people to catch their breath!This way you eliminate the option of less movement.

Stop taking the elevator. Stop taking the escalator. Start taking the stairs… ALWAYS

This is pretty self explanatory. I’ve mentioned this tip before. It’s not easy. Especially when 1 floor can possess multiple levels of stair cases. I have a classroom that is only on the second floor, but for some crazy reason I have 5 flights of stairs to climb! How is that fair?? I never said being healthy was easier. Eliminate the option of less movement.

Stop bringing money with you. Stop buying vending machine food. Start bringing portable food (and fruit)… ALWAYS

Yeah, we all need to have money on our person for those emergencies, but be smart about it. This is all kinds of wrong on all levels. The vending food is over-priced and beyond un-healthy. The food has preservatives in them that make the food have a shelf life longer than you’d like to know. The food is high in sodium and of course the fat content is not optimum. Fruit is healthy, has anti-oxidants, good carbohydrates, low in fat, and most of the time is sweet to taste. The best part is you can bring/carry (most) fruit with you anywhere without having to worry about it spoiling (there are of course some exceptions). Any other healthy or semi-healthy snacks are still a much better option than the vending machines .Eliminate the option of unhealthy eating.

All of my suggestions are not easy. Heck, there will be days when they are down right maddening. But remember, I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.

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