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How Nurses Are Being Feted and Celebrated During Nurses Week


It’s finally National Nurses Week, and that means nurses all over the country are being celebrated for all they do for their patients and their loved ones. Nurses are among the most trusted professionals working today in the U.S. for their honesty and commitment to their patients. Hospitals, administrators, and even the patients themselves are taking time to honor these brave men and women with fun events, delicious treats, and some exciting giveaways.

We’ve heard from healthcare facilities all over the country. Find out how nurses everywhere are being celebrated this Nurses Week.

Bay Medical Goes All Out for Nurses in Panama City

It’s been a busy week for all the nurses at Bay Medical. In addition to filling the office with popcorn and other yummy goodies, the nurses were honored with a vigil and a nurses’ luncheon at the start of the week. The staff at the hospital also designed a special commemorative pin that will be distributed to all the nurses on staff. They’re also throwing a hospital picnic at the end of the week, all leading up to Florence Nightingale’s birthday this Sunday.

The nurses of Bay Medical have seen their fair share of tropical storms and natural disasters, so the facility is going all out to celebrate these brave men and women.

Bayada Home Health Care Celebrates At-Home Care Providers

The nurses of Bayada Home Health Care in Downingtown, PA were all smiles earlier this week. The company specializes in at-home care, so parents can keep their kids and loved ones at home instead of having to visit the hospital every day. Many of the nurses on staff work at Bayada as their second or third job, so they could use some rest and relaxation.

It all started with a formal dinner for the nurses on staff. Working in their patients’ homes means many of these nurses don’t get to spend a lot of time together, so this was a chance for the entire Bayada family to get together. The nurses also received a gift for all their hard work, and the company will be throwing an ice cream social at the end of the week for the nurses and the families they care for, which is sure to put a smile on their young patients’ faces.

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare Puts the Spotlight on Their Nurses

In Wallingford, CT, Gaylord Specialty Healthcare took a different approach to celebrating Nurses Week. The company produced and shared a special video honoring the nurses that work at the facility and the work they do for their patients. It features several of the nurses on staff talking about why they got into the field of nursing in the first place and the special bonds they’ve formed with their patients. It also highlights some of the patients at the facility and why they love living at Gaylord.

In addition to celebrating the nurses of Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, the video educates viewers on the special role that nurses play in the healthcare industry, dealing one-on-one with patients and helping them feel their best every step of the way.

To watch the video, click here.

Students Honor Nurses at Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice

Students at Ogdensburg Public School had an unusual assignment this week: Write “thank you” cards to all the nurses on staff at Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice. Teacher Lisa Bruning felt the need to get her students in on the action, helping them understand what hospice nurses do and how they benefit the community at large.

When asked why she chose to have her class participate, Bruning said, “I think it is important for the kids to have an understanding of how working together in a small community can be so impactful, and Karen Ann Quinlan has been a staple in this community for many years.”

The school also hosted an assembly where the students learned about the spread of germs and how to protect themselves from illness. Chelsea Choma, one of the nurses on staff at Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice, collected all the cards and will be distributing them to the nurses this week. The facility is also throwing a special breakfast for the entire hospice community.

So many nurses are feeling the love this week. If you’re a nurse, take some time to show yourself the love and respect you deserve. If you’re not a member of the nursing community, take some time to show a nurse just how much you appreciate all they do.


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